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Daily Schedule

* Earlier and later times are available upon request.

8:00 AM



– Arrival
Children make independent work choices 
– Children participate in individual & small group lessons 
  (morning snack is available until 11:00AM) 
11:00 AM
– Recess/Outdoor Activities
12:00 PM
– Lunch

12:45 PM

– Dismissal for half-day children 
– Free Play
– Afternoon storytime
1:00 PM
– Quiet Time for older children (soft music, art, books, puzzles)
– Naps for younger children
1:45 PM
– Advanced learning activities for children that do not rest
2:30 PM
– Wake children from naps
– Afternoon snack
2:45 PM
– Afternoon CIRCLE TIME!
– Free play
– Recess/Outdoor activities 
3:30 PM
– 1st Afternoon dismissal
– Extended day activities

Our son attended Children’s House at Holly Hill Montessori for preschool and kindergarten (ages 3 – 6). While we believe in the Montessori teaching, we were worried about the large classroom sizes that most schools offer. Our son is shy in larger groups and we were worried that he would not do well if he was overwhelmed and over-stimulated by the noise of too many kids. The small environment at CHHH helped our son socially and emotionally, and he was able to play and learn with a diverse group of friends. We were very impressed with Jordan’s growth and development over the three years there. We had no doubt that he was well-prepared for first grade. Although he was the youngest in his first grade class, his teacher stated that he was very mature and respectful for a child his age. Mid-year, he was advanced to second grade classes. I truly believe that this had a lot to do with his attending Montessori at Children’s House at Holly Hill.

Elizabeth & Jeffery Kazaka